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Hiking Tours

Ifigenia Apartments are a great place to start off for pleasant hiking tours! Just walk down the little road, take the footpath to old Damnoni harbor, walk on on the coast to Kalypso bay, take the foot path through the wild landscape, arrive on the western side of the little mountain that forms a little peninsula, enjoy the splendid view over the sea and Plakias bay, and get to Plakias beach to have a refreshing bath. This tour is easy and takes about 2 hours. There are many more possibilities for hiking tours in the surroundings.

For example you can start at Kourtalitioko gorge and walk down to Preveli beach. As soon as you arrive at the point where you can see the sea you will also enjoy a great view over Preveli palm forest and the Megalopotamos river flowing into the Libyan sea. Or you choose to follow the irrigation canals, which are uphills and providing a very even footpath on the side of them, so you will have a great look over the whole region. You can do this for up to 5 hours or any shorter time, and then go down to the coast again and walk back to Ifigenia Apartments, having a bath wherever you are and like to, Amoudi beach, Amoudaki beach or Damnoni beach.

If you like to do a hiking tour a bit more challenging, there is the E4 European hiking trail not too far away, leading you through some of the most interesting little gorges of the central part of the island. And last but not least, taking one of the excursions offered in Plakias, you can hike down the famous Samaria gorge, the biggest gorge to walk through.
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