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Snorkeling and Diving

The cretan south coast is very interesting for snorkeling and diving and all the bays around Ifigenia Apartments are nice places for snorkeling, nevertheless there are favourites:
S’hinaria bay for it’s amazing underwater landscape, Kalypso bay for its steep decline of the sea ground, the eastern end of Plakias bay for its Neptune grass, Korakas (of Rodakino) for its special rock formation with little caves near the shore…. All these places especially attract many fishes and other sea creatures.
A special place for snorkeling is the Megalopotamos und the springs in Kourtaliotiko gorge, please make sure you have a guide for this trip!

The Mediterranean sea is not as colorfull as the Red Sea or the well known tropical places, but it has its own uniqueness: cristal clear water, the visibility is absolutely great! And you will see many fishes, also multicolored ones like parot fish, rainbow and ornate wrasse, golden striped sea bream, flying gurnards, murray eels. If you are lucky you will also see sepia and octopus, triton’s trumpet and different kinds of starfish, fireworms and the flower like protula intestinum, sea turtles and dolphins. And more and more fishes come over here from the Red Sea through the Suez Canal: quite common by now are schools of cornetfish and barracudas, and maybe you will even see a red lionfish.

For snorkeling you just need a snorkel and goggles. For diving we can recommend the following diving schools:
at Damnoni bay:
Please make your appointments for dives directly with the diving schools.
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