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Beaches and Surroundings

The most interesting points in the surroundings of Plakias are Kourtaliotiko gorge – the biggest gorge on Crete where you can drive through by car - and its spring, which provides enough water for the whole region all year through, therefor the region is very green and lush. From the gorge there are water channels leading to the olive groves and agricultural fields of the region, many of them provide a great way to hike along them and get around the region. Second interesting point is Timeos Stavros, the principal but not too high mountain from where you can overlook the whole area. From both places you might be lucky to see vultures in the sky, they were never extermined from Crete.
In the surroundings of Ifigenia Apartments and vegetarian Taverna you will find 7 villages, each of them offering something special. Except for Plakias, which in former times was just a little fishermans port with a few houses and was mostly built for tourists purpose, all the villages are very old and built in the traditional cretan way. People have settled here not only for many centuries, but probably millennia.
Please have a look at the possibilities to visit the different places by public transport below the description of the villages.

Plakias: todays center of the region where you will find supermarkets, organic shop, souvenir shops, post office, pharmacies, medical office, car and bike rental, bars and restaurants.
A special hint: olive oil massage and thai yoga massage by Agapi Kalaitzaki, you will find her studio right across the street from the old port.

Myrthios: above Plakias bay offers great views and a few tavernas and shops. The bus at 3 pm from Plakias direction Rethymnon will bring you up there.

Mariou: above Damnoni bay offers as well great views, one taverna and a kafeneion. The little spring besides the little rock chapel is said to have the best water in the region.

Sellia: in the evening you can see the well-lit church of Sellia from quite far away, in the village you will find a few tavernas and shops.

Asomatos: when coming through Kourtalitiko gorge you will drive through Asomatos, there is one little coffee shop with spectacular view to Preveli and a potterers shop.

Lefkogia: beneath Timeos Stavros, with quite a few coffee shops and tavernas and a bakery, from here you drive or walk down to S’hinaria bay.

Giannou: this village is very traditional and unspoilt of any tourist facilities, from here you can walk down to Preveli monastery and Preveli beach and palm forest.

Public transport in the region:
There is a public bus from Plakias to Preveli monastery and beach. There are several buses per day from Plakias to the town of Rethymnon which will bring you to the villages of Lefkogia and Asomatos and Kourtaliotiko gorge and back. The public bus leaving Plakias at 3 pm will bring you to the villages of Myrthios, Mariou and Asomatos. From Ifigenia Apartments you will have to walk up 5 minutes to the main road to get on these buses.
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